Kenny Jude Herndon

Kenny Jude Herndon was born August 4th 2008 with classic PMD (duplication in plp1.) He lives in Broken Arrow Oklahoma with parents Jennifer and James Herndon and siblings William, Jamie and Jocelyn. When Kenny was 6 months old, they noticed he wasn’t reaching milestones he should at his age, and his eyes would move from side to side (nystagnus).

An MRI was scheduled. While at the appointment, Kenny’s dad (James) contacted Dr. Micheal Kayser at St. Francis in Tulsa Oklahoma. James had attended high school with him. Dr. Kayser turned out to be head of genetics at St. Francis and set up a lot of tests to help diagnose Kenny. Within two weeks they had the results, and sat with Dr. Kayser as he explained everything about plp1 and Classic PMD. It seemed like horrible news but at the same time they were relieved to know and have someone they knew in their corner.

Kenny is the happiest child we know, he is always upbeat and ready to meet a new friend. He has been in school since age 4. He loves Scooby Doo and Walmart.. but most of all he likes to listen to his favorite band, Godsmack. He speaks very well and gets around marvelously in his wheel chair.

Kenny has been a blessing in their life. Anyone who meets him falls in love instantly.

You may contact James and Jennifer anytime day or night with questions, concerns, or if you just need someone to talk with.

Kenny Jude Herndon

August 4, 2008

James and Jennifer Herndon

Age 5

William (older brother), Jamie (older sister) and Jocelyn (younger sister)

Broken Arrow,OK

At 7 months – St.FrancisHospital inTulsa,OK

Plp1 Duplication

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