Meet Your PMD Warrior

A new live interview series!
PMD Foundation Warrior Series

Meet Your PMD Warrior

If we were asked to describe an affected PMD boy or girl, what word comes to mind?  There are actually too many, right?  I do think “warrior” fits pretty well.  If you do a google search, here is the definition it shares:

war·ri·or (noun)
1. (especially in former times) a brave or experienced soldier or fighter.

As I read the above, and I also think of courageous and brave. Our PMD warriors fight a fight every day against their disease and yet they infect with their smile and infectious personalities.

I love Facebook and the ability to like/love all photos but it has been so fun getting to know our warriors more on the one to one basis in live interviews!  We get to truly see why these personalities infect us so greatly!

In February, we met Carson and his mom, Cassie.
Carson lives in Florida, attends regular school and has a girlfriend named Chloe that he likes to pull her hair!! We were able to spend time learning his favorite colors, favorite toys and more about him!

In March, we met Devin and his mom, Kelli from Kansas.
Devin is a huge sports fan and loves the Kansas City Chiefs for Football and Kansas City Royals for baseball.  We also learned that he likes to sing and although he didn’t sing live on Facebook, he did promise to sing for us over the summer!!

Next up, we get to meet Stevie Tull.
We are finalizing the schedule, his birthday is the 18th so we are looking at meeting around his birthday!!

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    DARLENE Skelton my grandson Jamie was born in Jan. 1993 .when he was 9 he was diagnosed withPMD .we were told he’d probably lived half his life. He is now 25. He has a rare mutation that allows him to talk and sing. We also met with Dr. Garbern. Jamie has 2 brothers but neitber or affected.. He has a.job .Asst. Music Director at our church.

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