Alicia Lennox Becker

PMD Foundation Member

Name Alicia Lennox Becker


Alicia Lennox Becker is a strong willed, educated, perseverant and loving woman who lives in Petaluma, California.  She is a wife (to Christopher Becker), a mother and an advocate for her son Liam who has Pelizaeus Merzbacher Disease (PMD), a mutation of the PLP1 gene with unknown significance.  Alicia has a degree in Psychology and went to graduate school for speech pathology and special education.  Prior to having a child of her own, her career involved working with children that had developmental delays, a rewarding but challenging career.   Since having Liam and starting a social media page about his care, therapies and education, Alicia has had several parents (who are just learning that their child has PMD) contact her to ask questions regarding the care path she has chosen for Liam.  It brings her great joy to help others who are walking a similar path.  She believes in personal education on this illness, and to educate others, as well.  Alicia seeks out information on the new innovative cutting edge therapies and believes she can make a difference in our PMD community.