Dave Manley

PMD Foundation Member

Name Dave Manley


Dave Manley lives in Mexico, NY with his wife, Julie, and son, Jaden.  Jaden, his first and only child, was born on December 5, 2001 and diagnosed with PMD in September 2003. This came as a complete shock when his wife, Julie, found that she is a carrier for PMD. There was no history of the disease in her family, not even relatives that could have had PMD and been misdiagnosed. After learning of Jaden’s condition and gaining knowledge of PMD (mostly from the information found on the PMD Foundation website), Dave made a commitment to do what he could to help his son and others that are affected by PMD. Dave had a B.A. in History from the State University of New York and was a Manufacturing Sales Rep for an engineering company.  He made a career change in September 2004 to enable him to be more involved in Jaden’s care as well as allowing him to get involved with the PMD Foundation. Dave is committed to working with all those in the PMD CommunityTO RAISE MONEY for research, family support and education. His philosophy is, “if I don’t do something, who will?” He is dedicated to making a difference for his son and all those touched by PMD.