Kathy Kanous

Kathy Kanous- Support Staff

PMD Foundation Member

Name Kathy Kanous


Kathy has two nephews affected by classic PMD, Bradley and Ben. Bradley passed away in 2009 when he was 11 years old. Ben was born in 1990. Like her two sisters, Kathy is a carrier. Her son is PMD free, but her daughter has been diagnosed as a carrier, so she is committed to doing what she can to help eradicate the disease. Kathy graduated with a B.S in biology and an M.S.A. in administration from Central Michigan University. She has worked as a Medical Technologist, a Research Technician, an IT Director, a Customer Service Director and has experience in marketing and web design. Kathy has spearheaded projects to create updated media (brochures, emails and websites) to increase awareness of Pelizaeus Merzbacher Disease.