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Rolling Through Life

Rolling Through Life

An inspirational speech by a young man, Cisco Oller, who battles Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease and is bringing down barriers with love, perseverance, and faith. His PMD is less severe than most and this allows him to articulate clearly what many boys trapped in their bodies cannot. Cisco reminds us to be thankful for all that we have and not have. That we must forge purpose as we roll through life.

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  1. Gina

    Cisco, Is a true inspiration! I am proud to call him a family friend. I learned about him through a hospital newsletter. He was in his last year at Providence College. My oldest, who has Classic PMD was finishing high school. So, I contacted Cisco for a college visit during spring break. He was more than welling to give Garrett and Gavin ( my youngest who also has PMD) a tour of his campus and a glimpse of his college experience. My boys, my husband and I were in awe! We all had an instant connection. And, that was the first time Cisco had ever met anyone else with PMD. We will be friends/family forever! Thank you for sharing his video.

  2. Gracias… que aliento en este desafio … mi hijo tiene 5 años y hace 1 año … me informaron que tiene plp1 ligado al cromosoma X…..y en mi desesperacion en esta cruzada encontre esta pagina y por primera vez siento que me entiente y me acompañan….

  3. Cynthia Adams

    After watching Cisco, I am filled with hope. My 14 year old grandson, Frank, has PMD. He too has a milder case…but, he cannot walk without a walker. Cisco is an inspiration to all parents and grandparents of those with special life challenges. I see so many amazing similarities in. Cisco and Frank. Both young men love The Lord and neither see themselves as handicapped. The day Frank graduates from college, I look forward to seeing him with the same poise, confidence and a love for life and others that honors The Lord. Thank you, Cisco. May God continue to bless you and your family.

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