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Under the Big Top

Doris and Logan

Logan and I just had an amazing time at the circus.  If you follow me on Facebook, you can see some photos that I shared from last weekend.  We received a free kids ticket to go and everyone else in our household had something else to do.  So, Logan and I woke up, got dressed and out the door we went!


We arrived at the expo center and were greeted by some of the entertainers.  These were ladies in black shirts with gold embellishments on them. Some of you may not know, but Logan loves the ladies so he loved all of the sequins and flashiness of their outfits.  We then went into the hallway to find our seats and were greeted by popcorn, snowcones, stuffed animals and a wide assortment of light up swords and wands. Naturally, we stopped and purchased some “circus paraphernalia.”  I am thankful that Logan was satisfied with a single light up sword. We then walked into the arena and hearing him gasp with excitement was worth every minute that we would be there.


He couldn’t help but take it all in. There were ponies and elephants that could be ridden, face painting and even a place to get a photo with a real snake. No thank you!! We did not do the snake photo!  We found some great seats where we could easily see one of the three entertainment rings. Logan loved everything but I think his favorite part of the show was either the yellow car that turned into a replica of the Bumblebee Transformer or the dogs that rode goats.  He ate cotton candy, in fact, blue cotton candy that stained his teeth until bedtime. We had a blast. He laughed so hard that his belly shook. He even mimicked the elephant trunks as they came out. When it ended, he clapped for the entertainers and blew kisses towards all of the animals.  After we arrived home, he shared his favorite parts with his dad and sister and thanked me for taking care of him with a giant bear hug.


I share this story to speak about the love that our warriors bring to our lives.  Each day brings struggles but mostly amazing memories. Thank you for sharing your warriors with us each day on social media.  We love each one of you and your families and we encourage you to share these awesome adventures with our community either on Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter.  

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